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aiwwwShort description

aiRedirectWww is a native Joomla! 1.5.x plugin developed by Algis Info Grup.
You can use it to automatically redirect your Joomla site from the domain using www to the domain without www, or the other way around.

There are other solution to do this redirect ( like using .htaccess or 3rd party SEF extensions ) but I needed a simple way and this plugin is the result.




It's working only on Joomla! 1.5.x in native mode.
Download the last version of the plugin from and install it using the default install procedure of Joomla!.


The upgrade is done by installing the new version of the extension over the old one.
The removal of the old version is not required and it's parameters will not be reseted.
A full back-up of the site is always recommended before the upgrade is done. 


Here are the instructions for each it's parameters :

Redirect to WWW
Set this to "Yes" if you want to use the domain with "www", to "No" othewise.

This parameter is allowing you to specify what pages to redirect.
Set it to "On front-end" for the plugin to have effect only in the front-end of the site.
Set it to ""for the plugin to have effect only in the back-end of the site.
Set it to "Both" for the plugin to have effect both in front-end and back-end of the site.

Cookie life time
The plugin could be temporary deactivated by adding "&noaiwww=1" at the end of the URL.
This parameter is setting how long this temporary deactivation is in place.


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