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Javascript error

Seams more and more developers are implementing different javascript libraries like jquery without any consideration for how Joomla works and the fact that mootools is included and used in it. Their code is generating conflicts with other extensions or even Joomla native code.

After receiving a lot of questions about different features of aiContactsafe not working because of this javascript conflicts I've decided to write some steps that can be taken to identify what is causing them and will also try to suggest a few solutions.


Some of the problems generated in aiContactsafe by javascript conflicts are :

- displaying only 3 dots instead of the form

- not diplaying the CAPTCHA code

- attachment fields are not working


The steps to identify the cause could be this :

1 - Start with a full back-up of the site, I suggest using Akeeba Backup ( ) to do it.

2 - Set the default template to one of the native Joomla template and test the page with the form generated by aiContactSafe again.

If the problem persists you have one or more problems in the non-native modules or plugins active on the page, so you need to continue investigating.

If the problem dissapears it is generated by your template and you can look into the suggestion I make below to try to fix it.

3 - Deactivate one by one all the non-native modules and plugins that are active on the page with the form.

4 - Check the page with the form after you deactivate each one. Make sure you clear the cache both in Joomla and in your browser before each check.

Do not deactivate the authentication plugin or you will not be able to login into the administrator page.

When the problem dissapeared you identified the extension with the problem and you can look for suggestions below on how to fix it.

5 - Activate back all the modules and plugins that were deactivated, except the one with the problem.

 If the problem appears again you need to repeat 3, 4 and 5 because you have a second extension that creates a javascript problem.


Suggestions to resolve the problem :

1 - Make sure the extension/template with the problem is not deactivating mootools on purpose ( look into it's documentation, ask it's developer, ... ).

2 - Look into the parameters of the extension for a way to load the javascript in a noConflict mode.

3 - Contact the developer of that extension ( or template ) to fix his code. You can suggest to him/her to use the tutorial mentioned below ( see 5 ).

4 - Try installing one of the extensions in JED that is trying to fix the conflicts between javascript library. Here is one for jQuery :

5 - If the problem is generated by jQuery and know some javascript you can try modifying the code of the extension yourself using this instructions:

6 - If you have no success you can try searching for a replacement of the extension / template with the problem.

7 - If you can't find or you don't want to replace that extension / template replace aiContactsafe with another extension.


Please don't ask me to fix this problems. I can't offer support for other extensions. I'm putting very much time in supporting my free extensions as it is.



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