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Principles and values

ciocanelCode of ethics of the company Algis Info

Chapter I

1.The code of ethical conduct of the employees, presents a set of principles and rules of behavior that should govern their activity.
2.Stipulations of this code of ethical conduct apply to all company employees.
3.The purpose of this code is to create the necessary ethical employee conduct so as to meet with professionalism, loyalty, honesty and conscientiously the service duties and to act so as not to harm the organization where he is working or its collaborators.
4.In order to meet the purposes of this code of ethical conduct the employees assumes the following objectives:
a) Credibility - the commitments taken in the name of the company and under his own name have to be followed exactly;
b) Professionalism - the employee must have a good qualification for his job, so that  he can be able to deliver the optimal solutions to the problems that can appear in his activity;
c) Conduct - the employee must be irreproachable conduct both professionally and personally;
d) Performance - is the most important objective to achieve by an employee because the staff performance makes the company's performance;
e) Trust - the employee must be aware that the results of its actions reflects in the company's image;
f) Quality of service - lies in the realization of the tasks undertaken by the employee with responsibility, diligence and honesty;

Chapter II

1.In their activity, employee are obliged to respect the following fundamental principles:
a) Accountability - the completion of all assigned tasks, employees are assuming responsibility of their actions;
b) Confidentiality - employees must respect the professional secrecy;
c) Professional Competence - that employees are required for all activities that they undertake to act with maximum professionalism, by applying their knowledge and experience;


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